Monday Mindset

--- Daisy Brackenhall ---

Start your week off on a positive note with us as we share insights and strategies that can make a difference. Each week one of us will share something we have watched, listened to or read that we found inspiring, motivational, interesting, or thought-provoking with each other and you. Our hope is that some of these ideas will inspire you to give them a try in your own lives or incorporate into your mindset to boost your mood and wellbeing - maybe even to change your life!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Why Breathing Through Your Nose is Key to Good Health

    Episode #66 This week Daisy shares an episode from Rangan Chatterjee’s podcast Feel Better, Live More which sees the return of a popular guest - James Nestor. Daisy shared the first episode he was on when he talked about the importance of nasal breathing and chewing. In the latest episode, James ...


  2. Creating A Morning Routine To Start Your Day

    Episode #65 Many entrepreneurs, health experts, and spiritual gurus place a significant emphasis on our morning routine as key to our success and well-being.  In this week’s episode Terri shares a simplified version of how to create a morning routine that can help you start out in a health space that ...


  3. When Overthinking Can Be a Good Thing

    Episode #64 Are you an over thinker? Do you ever find yourself solving other people’s problems as well as your own?  This week Daisy shares an article from The Guardian  that caught her eye when it popped up in her Facebook newsfeed because she identifies as an over thinker herself! Why I’m ...


  4. Stop Overthinking: Curate a New Soundtrack

    Episode #63 In this week’s episode, Terri shares one author’s take on an approach to stop overthinking from interfering with making progress or feeling good. She enjoyed learning about Jon Acuff’s approach to curating a new soundtrack playing in your mind to stop the replaying of broken soundtracks on The Jordan Harbinger ...


  5. The Depression Cure - Part 2

    Episode #62 Could lifestyle changes beat medication in helping with depression? Stephen Ilardi certainly think so and puts forward compelling arguments to support his theories.  This week, Daisy shares the second part of a presentation given by Stephen Ilardi at KU College which really helped her understand more about the bouts ...