Monday Mindset

--- Daisy Brackenhall ---

Start your week off on a positive note with us as we share insights and strategies that can make a difference. Each week one of us will share something we have watched, listened to or read that we found inspiring, motivational, interesting, or thought-provoking with each other and you. Our hope is that some of these ideas will inspire you to give them a try in your own lives or incorporate into your mindset to boost your mood and wellbeing - maybe even to change your life!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Using Your Mind To Manage Your Hunger Hormone

    Episode #76 This week Terri shares a brief but hopefully useful way to look at how your thoughts can help you influence your hunger hormone, ghrelin. She shares an example of a study demonstrating how what people thought about a milkshake they drank affected their hunger levels afterward. You can listen ...


  2. How to Improve Your Focus

    Episode #75 Are you easily distracted? Do you struggle to focus on tasks? How’s your time management? In this week’s episode, Daisy shares an episode from Andrew Huberman’s podcast Huberman Lab - ADHD and How Anyone Can Improve Their Focus - and talks about possible ways to help improve these things. Please ...


  3. We Can Influence Our Dopamine Activity

    Episode #74 In this week’s episode, Terri shares some insights from one of her geek-crushes, Andrew Huberman. She clarifies how we can help increase our dopamine responses without overdoing it from what she learned listening to the episode: Change Your BRAIN By Using These Hacks to Increase Your Dopamine l Dr. Andrew ...


  4. Exercise Snacking: the Key to Making Exercise Easier?

    Episode #73 We all know that snacking is not great for our health but wait… what if it is? It depends on the snack! This episode is all about exercise snacking - a great way to boost your health in handy little  chunks of time that you can squeeze in ...


  5. Increasing Your Resilience to Anxiety

    Episode #72 In this week’s episode Terri shares some of her take aways from listening to Shawn Stevenson and his guest discuss how we can focus less on anxiety as a negative we must eliminate and instead see how to increase our resilience to it and see how it helps us ...