Monday Mindset

--- Daisy Brackenhall ---

Start your week off on a positive note with us as we share insights and strategies that can make a difference. Each week one of us will share something we have watched, listened to or read that we found inspiring, motivational, interesting, or thought-provoking with each other and you. Our hope is that some of these ideas will inspire you to give them a try in your own lives or incorporate into your mindset to boost your mood and wellbeing - maybe even to change your life!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Taking on Distraction and Time Management

    So many of us have found a myriad of ways that we feel distracted from the task at hand. In this episode, Terri shares some important insights from Nir Eyal’s work that can help us reframe how we focus on tasks without distraction and a useful suggestion to manage time more ...


  2. Defensiveness and Empathy

    To empathise with others, we need to first drop our defences. Daisy explores some thoughts on defensiveness and how it creates a huge barrier when it comes to social connections, understanding and empathy. Links to the resources used in this episode: Barriers to Empathy by Tracie Abram (Michigan State University) Struggling in a Stranger’s ...


  3. Brain Science for Growth Mindset

    Business and self-growth writers and speakers have encouraged developing a growth mindset as key to success. Terri shares insights from neuroscientist Andrew Huberman to understand how to use your brain to make this mindset possible. The podcast Terri and Daisy chat about is an episode from Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu ...


  4. Movement Matters

    Using movement as a reset for mood and brain chemistry.  Daisy shares some interesting theories about movement and its power to help alleviate stress, anxiety and depression. The podcast Daisy and Terri chat about was episode 109 of Rangan Chatterjee’s podcast Feel Better Live More - Discover the Joy of Movement ...


  5. Placebo/Nocebo and Health Cairns

    How our thoughts affect our health and ability to heal. Terri shares some evidence that our mind-body connection is real and how we can use this information to upgrade our health. Lisa Rankin's Ted Talk Is There Scientific Proof We Can Heal Ourselves Please consider helping us make more episodes by supporting Daisy ...