Monday Mindset

--- Daisy Brackenhall ---

Start your week off on a positive note with us as we share insights and strategies that can make a difference. Each week one of us will share something we have watched, listened to or read that we found inspiring, motivational, interesting, or thought-provoking with each other and you. Our hope is that some of these ideas will inspire you to give them a try in your own lives or incorporate into your mindset to boost your mood and wellbeing - maybe even to change your life!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Strong Backs, Soft Fronts and Wild Hearts

    This week Daisy is back with  Brené Brown and her podcast Unlocking Us and a solo Brené episode: Brené on Strong Backs, Soft Fronts and Wild Hearts The book Terri mentions is Untamed by Glennan Doyle. Please consider helping us make more episodes by supporting Daisy on Patreon. If you have ...


  2. Apologizing: Making An Apology Genuine and Meaningful

    Saying, “I’m sorry” is a significant skill in all interpersonal relationships.  In this episode Terri shares what she learned listening to two of her favorite psychologists, Brené Brown and Harriet Lerner, discuss the art of apologizing without the mistakes that so many of us make, despite knowing when we are ...


  3. Nasal Breathing and Chewing - Why You Need to Focus on Them More

    Probably two things you rarely think about but the way you breathe and chew could be having a negative on your life and a few small changes might just reap some big rewards when it comes to your health and wellbeing. This week Daisy shares some of what she learned from ...


  4. A Mindfulness Approach to Addictions and Habit Change

    So many of us keep trying to break addictive patterns and behaviors by using willpower and focusing on why we want to change the behavior.  In this episode Terri shares what she has been learning from Dr. Judson Brewer, a psychiatrist who uses a mindfulness based approach to help his patients ...


  5. Time for a Values Audit

    Do you know what your core values are? What they really, really are? And are you pursuing your goals or someone else’s? Join Daisy and Terri for a chat about the gap that often exists between our core values and our behaviour. Rangan Chatterjee’s podcast Feel Better Live More - #122: Jay ...