Keto Woman

--- Daisy Brackenhall ---

Keto Woman is a weekly podcast in which Daisy Brackenhall chats with extraordinary women living the ketogenic lifestyle about their story.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. #29 Kim Gajraj

    Daisy’s latest extraordinary woman, Kim, talks about her education and travels that ended up at a low carb conference in San Diego and signing on with the world’s leading LCHF website - Diet Doctor. ...


  2. #28 Nina Teicholz

    #28 Nina Teicholz Daisy’s latest extraordinary woman, Nina, talks about her international bestseller The Big Fat Surprise and how women and children in particular have been impacted by the US national dietary guidelines.   ...


  3. #27 Pamela Zorn

    Daisy’s latest extraordinary woman, Pamela, shares her passion for wine and cheese. ...


  4. #26 Miriam Bair

    Daisy’s latest extraordinary woman, Miriam, talks about how she juggles a large family and a keto shake business. ...


  5. #25 Amy Berger

    Daisy’s latest extraordinary woman, Amy, dispels a few keto myths and shares some of her wisdom to help those who are new to keto find their way through the sometimes overwhelming amount of information there is online.   ...