Keto Woman

--- Daisy Brackenhall ---

Keto Woman is a weekly podcast in which Daisy Brackenhall chats with extraordinary women living the ketogenic lifestyle about their story.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. #34 Amy Berger

    Daisy’s latest extraordinary woman, Amy, returns to the podcast to talk about common stumbling blocks that women face trying to lose weight on low carb/keto.   ...


  2. #33 Caryn Zinn

    Daisy’s latest extraordinary woman, Caryn, talks about her PhD thesis and ongoing nutrition research and her holistic approach to clinical practice. ...


  3. #32 Public Health Collaboration

    This week Daisy is reporting back from the Public Health Collaboration Conference held in London and is joined by Louise Reynolds for an overview.   ...


  4. #31 Mary McNeight

    Daisy’s latest extraordinary woman, Mary, talks about her passion and career as a diabetes medical alert dog trainer and her incredible journey from being almost housebound and crippled with pain to being full of energy and life.   ...


  5. #30 Liz Myers & Brenda Zorn

    Daisy’s latest extraordinary women, Liz & Brenda, talk about their exciting biking expedition across America to Ketofest last summer.   ...