Keto Woman

--- Daisy Brackenhall ---

Keto Woman is a weekly podcast in which Daisy Brackenhall chats with extraordinary women living the ketogenic lifestyle about their story.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. #42  Amy Berger

    Join Daisy and Amy who recorded live in front of an audience at Ketofest 2018 and answered some of their questions.   ...


  2. #41 Georgia Ede

    Daisy’s latest extraordinary woman, Georgia, discusses the importance of nutrition for optimizing brain function and mental health.   ...


  3. #40 Suzie Edge

    Daisy’s latest extraordinary woman, Suzie, talks about her busy life in Scotland as a junior doctor, mum, mountain hiker, and keto enthusiast.   ...


  4. #39 Carrie Brown

    Daisy’s latest extraordinary woman, Carrie, shares her incredible story about how she conquered her bipolar disorder and has been symptom free for 2 years, thriving on the ketogenic diet.   ...


  5. #38 Amanda Åkesson

    Daisy’s latest extraordinary woman, Amanda, talks about how she has long battled with IBS and mood disorders but how keto has really helped her get a handle on them.   ...